Click a title you want to download from the "Dealer Support Menu" of the right side. And you can see the title page.
Left click on the name of the file you want to download. If the file you are downloading has been named using a .zip file extension, the "Downloading the File" dialogue will open.
Select the "Save" button, and click.
The next dialogue that opens is the "Save As" dialogue. This will allow you to choose the directory on your computer where you would like to save the file.
Using the pull down after "Save in:" select a directory to store the file.
We suggest that you save the file to your Desktop as above to make
locating the file easier after the download. Click "Save".
The file download dialogue will be displayed showing the progress of the download.
When the download is complete, the file will need to be extracted in
order to use it.
To do this double click on the zip file/folder.
If the file you are downloading is not ZIP file, left click, and the file will
open on your screen.
Use the Toolbar to save the file if you would like to store it.